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My Story

Boutique Fitness - My Story
I began working in the health and fitness industry 18 years ago and I started out by participating in aerobic classes. Like many people, I had an ongoing battle with my weight, and I found I enjoyed participating in the classes, and it also helped me to lose weight..

As a result, I decided to learn more about teaching aerobics, and that’s when I started to realise that I wanted to help other people with their weight loss and to lead healthier and fitter lifestyles.

I taught aerobics for about 8 years before getting into personal training. For me, seeing each client improve their fitness, lose weight and become more confident is much more rewarding.

The extensive training that I have undergone over the last 10years has allowed me to ensure all my clients achieve their goals. I am committed to continuing to develop my own knowledge in order to deliver the best possible service to my clients.

I also provide dietary and nutritional advice and I have tried many different ways to assist my clients with maintaining a healthy eating plan; this can be one of the biggest challenges with so many some temptations around us. As, like many of my clients, I was trying hard to be as healthy as I could all the time, if I did have a bar of chocolate or a cake I felt like I had failed and I would become despondent.

To prevent this, I tried giving myself permission to eat what I wanted for one meal a week. It became my treat meal. Just knowing that I had given myself the permission to enjoy and eat my meal of choice, really took the pressure off trying to be perfect all the time.

I started to work with my clients, getting them to use the permission method and it has had positive results for them too. It is also about reminding my clients that it does take time to plan healthy eating for the week. But just ask yourself, is it worth spending an extra few minutes in the morning to plan your food for the day when you feel so much better for it.

For me, just taking that time to plan both my eating and exercise for the week, has helped me achieve an overall sense of health and wellbeing.
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