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Boutique Fitness - Pilates

Pilates was first devised for ballet dancers in the mid1920s to help them maintain their good posture and core strength in order to help them perform better.

Over the years Pilates has evolved and is now in every health and fitness club as it’s not just ballet dancers who can benefit from Pilates it is also for men and women who participant in classes, go to the gym, walkers, runners and Pilates is proving to be very beneficial for people who have postural problems not just back injuries/problems.

Pilates focuses on developing your core strengthen, improving your posture and body awareness by getting you to engage your core muscles through a series of flowing exercises, working on both strength and mobility.

When we talk about core muscles we are talking about a group of muscles which include your abdominals, back and pelvic floor muscles.

By participating in Pilates regularly this in turn can help reduce back pain and increase everyday flexibility, mobility and will compliment any other training that you do whether is strength training or running.

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