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Tough Guy

28 Oct Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments
Tough Guy

Tough Guy has been widely described as “the toughest race in the world“.

Tough guy was first staged in January 1987 and then the summer version called Nettle Warrior which was first staged in 1998 it also included laps of the treacherous Killing Fields!!!

Tough Guy was on Sunday 27th July this year, it started at 11am & then we were was off.

What felt like a nice jog around some fields soon changed as I got to the Chatway chase which was through muddy ditches then over the Elephant fences, with the steeple chase it was easier for me to go under rather than over!!! Then came the hay bales which were the same height as me (about 5ft), after a few attempts of rebounding off them a nice kind man helped me over the first 2, then I got in to my stride and from there on managed to project myself over them!

The next part was to go through boggy mud which was over knee high and then have to run up hill, with clay mud stuck to your feet just give a little more of a challenge, but not just the once, we got to do that twice.

Then came the Slalom, up & down very steep hills which at the top left you with a burning in your lungs & thighs, craving for oxygen but no time for recovery as we turned straight round & down hill number 2. With only 7 more to go it was mental torture at its best!!!!

This led us to where the Jungle Trench Barrel fields begin, we were climbing over some big fences standing a good 7ft tall, running through ditches filled with muddy smelly water, under cargo nets which all this went on & on, through to the Jungle Water Slalom, where I meet some very nice strong men with one strong lift up I was up & out & on the side of the ditch, far easier than climbing out!!!!

Then with a gentle jog & a little bit of recovery time just before I entered what is known as the KILLING FIELDS & first to greet me was The Tiger which was 2 Giant A frames. As I have a very big fear of heights, I can’t remember how high they were I just known they were high!!!! I had my head down I just wanted to get up, get over & get down in one piece but in between them was stingy nettles & if they didn’t get you the electric cables hanging down did. With my heart racing from the A frames & seeing my supporters with a supply of haribos for me, it gave me a boost to keep moving & so did the sugar from the haribos with a walk through The Swamp, which the water level was up to my neck.

Now out the Swamp & the sugar kicking in I was like a demon over the Steeple Chase or I should say going under!!! Slipping & sliding over the mud I came to walking the tight rope, that another challenge for my fear of heights, so nice & slow I went one step at a time with my heart racing again this time with fear & adrenaline I made 3 separate ropes done. As I ran through the Firey Holes on the other side was the Tyre Crawl this time my size on my side on my hands & knees I was out in no time at all easy :-)

With a little more muddy smelly water, into the Torture Chambers crawling through a tunnel with yes more muddy water & electric cables hanging down too for a bit more fun & if lifted your body just that inch to high & then you got electrocuted………. this is where I did hear the men letting out a little screams just like a bunch of girls!!!

If you survived the Torture Chambers it was the Sky walk where I had a little melt down with the height thing but the stewards & other race members were great in helping getting me down, so Thank you to all. Onto Brandenberg wall and then I hit my own wall with The Death Plunge, having a big fear of both heights & jumping, walking the plank, I shuffled out on my bum, sat there for a while deliberating my fate. After a few anxious minutes my mind was made up & then I shuffled back. No jumping for me :-( . I’m mad, but not that mad!

Still a bit shaky but ok I came to the Dragon Pool, you were over water standing on the one rope & holding the higher rope above your head and walk along to the end, I had another plan after thinking oh no not more water & rope. There was matting against the scaffolding with a rope attached so I decided to slide down the rope & have a swim back to the side so much better, once again there were my supporters cheering me on which was perfect timing.

Hoping now I was nearing the end I was getting a little tired so when I saw my next one it was Gladiatough Colloseum so it was a deep breathe & go for it, in & out of the water, walking the planks only abut 10 times, so by now I had realised this course really liked to test your mental strength as well as your physical strength.

With my cheer leaders saying not far now I had a new lease of life & I was off next Staglag Esscape crawling on your belly through muddy water under barbed wire, then running over some tyres, more crawling this time under the electric cables.

Then there is was the last obstacle VIAGRA FALLS a walk through a pond, climb the hill then slide back down missing the electric cables on your way, It was meant to head first, didn’t quite fancy that way so I went feet first with a gentle slide down & missing all the cables, oh yes. Back up the hill then there it was the best sigh I had seen all day THE FINISH.

PT Gets Results at Tough Guy Race

It took 3hours 42 minutes & in some mad strange way I did enjoy it, would I do it again the jury is out on that one at the moment…………..

This is just part of the Nettle Warrior race, if you would like to check it out & found out more about it or even maybe have a go your self here’s their web address

I want to say a Big Thank You my cheerleaders too.

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